Welcome to Heritage Financial

New Name. Same Heritage.

Our new brand name – Heritage Financial Credit Union, bears a new name but maintains the same focus on you, our member, by providing the financial tools and resources needed so you may have the opportunity to reach your fullest potential in life.

President of Heritage Financial Credit UnionWelcome to Heritage Financial Credit Union!

Life is a journey and includes many detours along the way. No matter your destination or the support needed along the way, we look to be here for your entire journey. For 80 years now, we have helped tens of thousands of people in our communities along their journeys. We can trace our origins back 80 years, when a group of Newburgh School District employees formed our credit union with 97 members and $339.00 in assets. Fast forward eight decades later and that start-up credit union has grown to 12 locations, with more than 42,000 members and over $475 million in assets.
Just as everyone’s life journey takes them down different paths, so too has the credit union grown, evolved and moved down different paths as we matured and expanded. However, through this time, our mission has stayed the same – to be a financial resource for you and your families, friends and neighbors. A place to provide you with the necessary tools, resources and opportunities for learning to help you along your path towards your goals and dreams.

As we looked to our past, we now look towards our future. Since our conversion to State Charter in January of this year required the removal of “Federal” from our name/brand, we were provided with a perfect opportunity to re-evaluate and refresh who we are to our members and the communities we serve. Our past has helped pave the way to our future and led us on this extraordinary journey to enhance our brand, which I am now privileged and honored to share with you. After a great deal of research, data gathering, analysis and meetings, the Board and Management are proud to announce a refresh to our name and logo to pay homage to the past while celebrating and embracing the future.

Heritage Financial Credit Union – effective August 3, 2020 all Credit Union branding will be updated to reflect the Heritage Financial Credit Union name.
Within this mailing we have included this introductory brochure to Heritage Financial Credit Union. Here, you can find detailed information on our brand enhancement and what this change means for you. We have also included detailed sections and FAQs to further address questions you may have as we go live with our new name. After you take the time to review this information, we encourage you to reach out to us with any questions at 845-561-5607.

Whether a member for a day or since the beginning, we thank you for your support throughout these 80 years and we will continue to help build our legacy for many more years to come. After all, we are more than a bank, we are the combined Heritage of generations who have worked together to provide lasting contributions in their homes and communities. You are our Heritage!

Wishing you a safe and healthy summer.
Warm Regards,

Michael Ciriello Signature

Michael Ciriello

Rebranding Brochure

Read about our rebranding including a message from our CEO – Michael Ciriello, our updated website, and other important information and enhancements in our rebranding brochure by clicking the below link: