Live your life with the Visa credit card

Your HFCU VISA® gives you the flexibility to make purchases, pay bills, or get cash worldwide. Plus you get the security that comes with every Visa credit card.
Visa cards are accepted at millions of locations, so you can use them for just about everything you’d want, including:

  • Essentials like groceries and gas
  • Dining and entertainment
  • Bill payments
  • Online books, music, and movies
  • Travel reservations

When you transfer high-rate balances to your HFCU VISA® Credit Card you don’t pay a balance transfer fee and you get the same low rate as purchases.

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Get to know your credit score

Nearly half of Americans don’t know their credit score. Did you know that a good credit score saves you money whenever you take out a loan, mortgage or credit card? Good credit means you can borrow money at lower rates and lower your monthly payment. You can also negotiate better prices on cars and buy a home with less hassle.

Worried that you may not have the best credit? Miss a few payments or max out a credit card? No worries. Heritage Financial Credit Union can help! We have budgeting tools, counseling and advice to help you build your score and help you succeed in timely bill paying and budgeting your money.

Stop in at any of our branch locations and get a FREE credit score evaluation!

Introducing the HFCU Secured Visa Card

HFCU has an option for those who need to establish credit for the first time or rebuild their credit. Whether you’re just starting out, or rebuilding after a major life event, we’ll help you get on track. Introducing, the HFCU Secured Visa® card. The features of the card include:

  • Accepted world-wide wherever Visa® credit cards are accepted.
  • Deposit up to $600 into a collateral account. Your credit limit on the card will be $500.
  • As you make payments on time, you’ll begin establishing good credit. Your payment information on this card is shared with major credit bureaus, helping to build your credit history.
  • Secured Card accounts are reviewed periodically to assess if they are eligible to upgrade to an unsecured Platinum Visa® credit card.
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About the EMV Chip

This is the new EMV chip, the safer, more secure way to protect yourself when making retail purchases. EMV chips can help in reducing counterfeit card fraud.

Type of LoanTermVariable APR*Fixed APR*
Visa Credit Card2N/A9.99%N/A
Secured Visa Credit Card1N/A17.99%N/A

Visa Credit Cards Disclosures

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate.  All extensions of credit are subject to credit approval. The maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR) that may be imposed is 18.00%. Actual rate may vary based on credit worthiness. Rates shown are the lowest rates offered for the loan product(s) advertised. Rate advertised are subject to change at any time. All terms are subject to change without notice.  Contact a credit union employee for further details.

1 Rates as low as 17.99% APR. 120% of the credit line needs to be deposited into a secure savings account. Example: $250 limit Secured VISA® requires $300 to be deposited. Other terms and conditions apply. Contact credit union for details.

2 Rates as low as 9.99% APR and as high as 17.99% APR.  Other terms and conditions may apply. Contact credit union for details.

Visa Credit Cards FAQ

HFCU offers a Visa Credit Card and a Secured Visa Credit Card. Please refer to the Visa Credit Cards table for more information.

To apply for a credit card with Heritage Financial Credit Union you must live, work, worship, volunteer or attend school in, or be a business or other legal entity located in Orange, Dutchess, Sussex, Sullivan, Pike, or Ulster Counties, New York or have an immediate family member who is already a member of Heritage Financial Credit Union. You will be required to become a member prior to loan closing with a $0.01 initial deposit in a savings account. Get started with your loan application online, print an application, or visit us at your nearest branch, which can be found here. If you need more information, contact us.

The variable APR for a Visa Credit Card varies depending on the type of credit card, ranging from 9.99% to 17.99%. 

The fixed APR for a Visa Credit Card is not applicable. Please refer to the Visa Credit Cards table for more information.

The terms for a Visa Credit Card are not applicable. Please refer to the Visa Credit Cards table for more information.

An EMV chip is a small computer chip in your card that provides an added layer of security by authenticating and securing transactions as they happen. EMV chips can help in reducing counterfeit card fraud.

You can activate your Visa Credit online through Heritage Online or call 1-845-561-5607.

Secured Visa FAQ

A secured card uses a cash collateral deposit as the credit line for that account. The deposit in your collateral account will be 120% of your available balance. For example, if you put $600 in the account, you can charge up to $500.

HFCU allows deposits up to $500. Your credit limit will be the amount of your deposit.

Yes, your deposit will earn the stated share savings interest based on your deposit amount. Please refer to the Visa Credit Cards table for more information.

Yes, we report to all three major credit bureaus.

We recommend that you do not take out a secured card to carry a balance. While secured cards make sure you never spend more money than you can afford, the purpose of the secured card is to demonstrate disciplined borrowing habits. That means regularly paying back what you’ve borrowed, in-full and on-time.