In an ever-developing digital and technological world, we have to be extra vigilant of our personal information as it has the opportunity to be compromised. As your trusted Financial Institution, we are committed to ensuring your information and finances are secure. This page is dedicated to providing you with the necessary tools and resources to be able to spot fraud, scams, or any type of identity threat to you, or someone you know.


Information HFCU Will Never Ask You For 

There is some information that HFCU will never ask you for over the phone, via text, or by email. If it seems like the person contacting you is from HFCU and you are not certain – please reach out directly to us at 1-845-561-5607 for confirmation.  You can never be too cautious when being asked to provide sensitive, personal information, such as your social security number or passwords.

HFCU will never call you and ask you to give out the following information:

  • Credit or debit card PIN.
  • Our routing number
  • CVV code on the back of your credit or debit card
  • Verification or authentication codes 

What to Do If You Receive a Suspicious Call or Message 

If you have received a suspicious email, text or call, and provided any personal information, you can call HFCU directly at 1-845-561-5607 for more information.  Be sure to save and copy any information related to the attack, including screenshots of emails, text messages, pop-up windows, and phone numbers.

Read the articles below for more information on how to protect your sensitive information and stay vigilant to spot scams, call spoofing, and identity theft.

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