Save time with Direct Deposit

Direct deposit allows you to automatically deposit paychecks, social security checks, etc. directly into your Heritage Financial Credit Union account.

It is easy to set up a direct deposit or payroll deduction so your savings account grows automatically over time. When your share savings account balance reaches $500, your account will earn dividends, which are paid quarterly. See our Upgrade Kit forms to easily change your direct deposits to your Heritage Financial Credit Union account.

  • Avoid waiting for your paycheck. It’s in your account on payday!
  • No more going to the credit union or bank to cash your check.
  • You can deposit some or all of your paycheck.

Get Started

Ready to get started? Here’s what to do:

  1. Download this Direct Deposit Form.
  2. Make sure to add your account number and Heritage Financial Credit Union Routing Number (It’s 221978791).
  3. Take it to your payroll department, or update your Social Security payment instructions, or your pension plan administrator, or investment funds manager.

Direct Deposit FAQ

To set up direct deposit into your account, you can download this form or contact us.

In order to make sure you have everything you need to get started with direct deposit today, please have your account number readily available. 

In order to change your direct deposit, please download and fill out our Direct Deposit Change Request here.

Your routing number can be found on your checks from HFCU in the lower left hand corner.

Your account number can be found on your checks from HFCU in the lower left hand corner next to your routing number.

Our routing number is 221978791.