Protect What Matters Most

How much life insurance coverage do you need? Is it time to consider long-term care insurance? Are there ways you can save on your auto policy?

It can be easy to think of choosing insurance policies as a “set it and forget it” task, but as your life changes, your coverage needs may change, too. Review your policy needs when:

  • Your policies come up for renewal. Don’t just automatically send a check to your insurance company. Review your coverage to make sure it continues to meet your needs.
  • You experience a major life change. This could include marriage or divorce, a child turning 18, significant health changes, purchasing or refinancing a home and more. All these events could impact your coverage needs, asset worth and beneficiaries.
  • You’re looking to save money. There are often discounts available to people based on how they’ve protected their assets and handled their coverage over time. For example, having a safe driving record, installing burglar alarms and bundling your policies with the same company can get you rate discounts.