4 Ways to Winterize your Home and Reduce your Energy Bill

For you to enjoy a white Christmas with your family without the winter hassles, you need to be prepared. In a country where 31% of households have trouble paying their energy bills, every dollar saved matters.

Winterization makes it possible for you to have a warm winter while saving up on the heating and energy bill. The process may vary from major repairs to minor repairs, but your aim is to be as cost-efficient as possible. Here are four ways you can winterize your home and save up for the holidays.

  1. Lower your Thermostat

A cost-free way of winterization would be lowering your thermostat during winter. You may be a victim of setting 72°F as the comfortable room temperature. During the winter, that is never the case. Setting it at 68°F is as comfortable as 72°F, and lower to about 58°F to 62°F when people are asleep or away. Remember, every degree reduced is equivalent to saving 3% on energy bills.

Reverse your ceiling fan by switching it from cooling to warm. With the help of a reversed fan, you may get to lower your thermostat degree.

  1. Put your Blinders and Curtains Up

To prevent warm air from escaping, invest in heavy blinders for your home. They act as a good substitute if you can’t insulate your windows. Combined, the two will ensure that all warm air remains in the room. This method is both cost-efficient and reliable during all winter season.

  1. Insulate your Pipes

Frozen pipes are the worst kind of winter problems. To prevent this, insulate your pipes before the winter begins. To do this, wrap your pipes with foam insulation tubes. The foam comes with a slit on one side. You can easily slide the foam into the sewers. For additional insulation, you can opt to add an extra foam on top of the first one.

  1. Update your Home

The expenses of winterization can be costly, especially if you are updating some structures in your house. Replacing the fireplace and chimneys, insulating the attic, and installing a new furnace will cost a fortune. If you want to make that investment to your home, you don’t have to run your finance dry. A home equity loan is an easy source of money that is simple secured debt.

Winterization is meant to protect you from the winter tragedies. It may seem like a costly affair, but it’s a good investment for your home and your family through this festive season.