Make Finances Fun

If you think financial management is a boring topic, think again! With the activities below, you can have fun with your friends while learning some important money lessons.

Do a “best deal” challenge.

Is there a certain clothing item or gadget you and your friends can’t stop talking about? Challenge each other to do some online research and see who can find the best price. Be sure to factor in things like taxes, shipping costs, any discount codes, etc. Learning to hunt for a great deal is a skill you’ll be able to put to good use again and again as you get older!

Brainstorm money-making ideas.

Partner up with your friends or siblings to discuss ways to turn your passions into profits. If you like to cook or bake, work together to come up with your own recipes and create a cookbook. Are you a musically-inclined group? Start a band! You could also start your own group blog, try to invent something, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Help others.

Learning to give is arguably just as important as learning to save, so put your heads together with your friends and come up with ideas to make a positive difference in your community. Maybe you could donate all your old toys and clothes to charity, hold a neighborhood food drive, etc.

Engage in a spending ban.

Resisting the temptation to buy something new can be tough. Need a little extra motivation to skip those unnecessary purchases? Invite your friends to join you in a competitive spending ban! Whoever can go the longest without spending money wins the challenge. (No cheating!)

Write up a report of your findings.

Teaching kids about financial literacy is becoming increasingly important across the country – and you can help! After doing the activities above, consider writing an article with your friends about what you learned. Who knows…your article may end up getting published! And if nothing else, it will serve as a great reminder to you of the lessons you learned.