Need Extra Cash for the Holidays? You May Already Have it

As the dog days of summer are counting down and the cool air of the fall approaches, it’s time once again to start planning for the holiday season. As we contemplate where the time has gone, at least there is still enough time to plan for the upcoming holidays and ensure they are meaningful. One good planning strategy is to check your credit/debit card rewards and retailer loyalty programs to help get extra cash and find great deals.

The Holidays are Expensive

The holidays are an expensive event, there is no doubt. In fact, last year shoppers spend an average of $992 for gifts according to the 34th Annual Survey on Holiday Spending from the American Research Group. This is up from recent years and is expected to continue rising. Coming up with nearly $1,000 can be a great challenge to most people, especially those living on a fixed income. However, there are some great strategies to consider when preparing for this added expense.

Credit/Debit Rewards

A recent study by concluded that 31 percent of credit card holders in the United States have never redeemed their credit card rewards. This is a big cash opportunity that many don’t consider. In fact, consumers have nearly $100 billion in unredeemed loyalty points! Instead of letting those points just linger, why not cash those points in to prepare for the holidays?

These rewards could be a treasure trove for credit card and debit card holders. In fact, there might be some money in the cards in your wallet right now! Instead of cutting back before the holidays, customers should reach out to Hudson Heritage Federal Credit Union member solutions to see their options.

Not only could extra cash be involved but there are other perks as well. Points can be redeemed for gift cards at popular retailers and customers can sign up for coupon/sales alerts to join preferred retailer loyalty programs for even further savings.

Prepare Now for a Happy Holidays

The holiday season can be a wonderful and memorable time to spend with family and friends. However, it’s also an expensive time of the year. One strategy to help with expenses is to check your credit card/debit reward program to see if cash rewards are available. In addition to cash rewards, there are many other coupons and sales alerts available through the program that can help members save money! Contact our team today!