Save Time with Direct Deposit!

Heritage Financial knows there are more important things in life than going to your credit union. Save yourself a trip by signing up for direct deposit. No more waiting in line to cash your check. Your money is available to you on your payday, and you can choose to receive a paper or digital record. It’s so simple!

To get started, visit your employer’s payroll or personnel office to request a direct deposit form. Then follow the directions on the form. You can have all of your paycheck deposited into your checking or savings account, or you can have your paycheck split between your checking account, savings account, loan payment or Visa® payment – just to name a few.

Convenience –You can use the time you would normally spend going to the credit union to cash or deposit your check for something more productive. You will still get an earnings statement on payday that tells you how much money was deposited, as well as how much was withheld for taxes, company savings plans or any other withheld amounts.

Safety – Millions of paychecks are lost or stolen each year. Direct deposit eliminates risk and assures you safety with no loss of convenience.

Timely deposits – Not enough time in your day to get to a branch? Direct deposit ensures that your money is deposited on time, all the time. This helps the most on hectic days, while on vacation, during holidays and when you are away on business trips.

Access – Direct-deposited funds “clear” automatically. You can write checks immediately and use an ATM without worrying that your funds haven’t been credited.

Earnings – Direct deposit means your check earns interest as soon as possible.

Confidentiality – Because your check passes through fewer hands, your financial affairs stay private.

For safety and convenience, sign up for direct deposit today!