Seasonal Tips To Reduce Energy Use

Skip the holiday lights.

Instead of decorating with lights, use items that don’t need to be plugged in – like garland and ornaments.


Turn off your household lights.
Walk around periodically to make sure the lights are not on in empty rooms.


Don’t drive more than you need to. 
Try to buy all your gifts in one trip to save money on gas. Online shopping is another way to save on gas; just be cautious of shipping costs!


Turn down the thermostat.
As one of the highest energy expenses in most homes, it is easy to save money by turning down the heat a few degrees. Put on a comfy, stylish sweater or take advantage of the heat from a crowded room when throwing a party.


Avoid excessive appliance use when cooking and cleaning.
Cook multiple dishes at a time, use the toaster oven or microwave when possible and run the dishwasher only when it’s full!