The Freelance Work Environment

The pandemic has created a substantial shift in society, not only with regards to the public perception of health and how to take care of one another, but how many people manage their daily work responsibilities. Remote work has increased substantially, with many companies scrambling to put remote work opportunities in place for employees. Another option that has become more viable in light of the pandemic? Freelancing.

Revisiting the Way We Think of Work

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic and the way society–and employers–reacted to it, an increasing number of companies have revisited the way they think of work in general. Employers are learning to assess what their people can accomplish from home and how it has the potential to impact them long-term. Many employers are looking at the tasks that they have formerly required done by staff in the office and discovering that employees can complete that work from home just as easily–and that freelancing can offer a less-expensive alternative to many of those tasks.

How You Benefit from Freelancing

The stimulus package put out by the United States to aid individuals economically impacted by coronavirus also, for the first time, addresses job loss for freelancers who have been unable to work throughout the crisis. For the first time, the government is publicly acknowledging that these individuals–who have, for many years, completed similar job responsibilities to full-time employees without receiving benefits–deserve the same rights and benefits as full-time workers.

As the workforce continues to adapt in light of many things that have become aware, several things are likely to change: freelancers are, for the first time, more likely to have benefits that they can take along with them, and they’re more likely to receive recognition for their work. Not only that, they may start to see many breaks and benefits that can make it easier for employees to cut ties to their employers, make their own schedules, and move forward at their own pace.

Thanks to the coronavirus, many employers have had a chance to rethink the way they handle work–and so have employees. While freelancing does still have some downsides, it can also provide an excellent opportunity for many individuals who are hoping to change the way they handle their work responsibilities as the pandemic ends and life returns to a new normal.