A Guide to Social Media

Think only birds tweet? Think Facebook is a book? Think again.

Not only has social media changed our vocabulary – it’s had an enormous effect on how we interact with one another and share information. And these days, teens aren’t the only ones tweeting, posting, poking and liking. In fact, it seems that everyone and their mother (and grandmother!) is getting in on the social media fun.

So if you’re ready to dive into social media, check out this beginner’s guide to social media basics:

• Facebook: This social networking website lets individuals and businesses create profiles where they can send messages, post photos, share news and more.
• Twitter: Twitter allows users to read and post short messages called tweets. (Brevity is your friend with this site’s 280-character maximum limit!)
• Instagram: For camera-happy folks, Instagram is insta-fun. This service lets users post photos and videos, as well as browse those of friends, families and celebrities.
• LinkedIn: Designed for the business world, LinkedIn enables members to connect with peers they know professionally, search for new job opportunities and post professional updates.
• YouTube: A video-sharing website, YouTube allows visitors to view, post and make comments about videos.
• Snapchat: Communicate your day by sending “snaps” to friends. Originally used to send photos that disappear instantly, this app has gained popularity as one of the most-used for communication. Share photos and videos to your story, sent directly to individuals or as chats.

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What You Need to Know to #HashtagLikeAPro

A hashtag isn’t a social networking site itself, but rather a label often used on social networking sites to identify messages relating to a certain topic. You can add hashtags to your status, comments or photos to make them searchable by category. Hashtags always begin with the hash or pound sign, #LikeThis.