The Surprising Cost of Pregnancy

Bringing a baby into the world is an expensive undertaking. From diapers and bottles to strollers and cribs, there’s a lot to plan for when it comes to welcoming a little one into the family. And for many couples, the extra expenses don’t just start with the baby’s birth. Pregnancy itself often causes a noticeable drain in the finances. Read below to discover what some of the most common (and surprising) costs are for expectant parents.

• Indulging pregnancy cravings. Many expectant moms experience intense food cravings, and when those cravings are for fancy restaurant meals or pricey treats, it’s easy to spend far past your allotted food budget. Plus, since you’ll likely start eating larger amounts once you become pregnant, chances are you’ll find yourself with higher food bills even if you do limit restaurant visits and stick with reasonably priced items at the grocery store.
• Buying a new wardrobe. Though you may be able to get away with wearing your husband’s oversized clothing while at home, it’s probably best to shell out the cash for professional-looking maternity clothes to wear at the office. And you’ll no doubt find yourself facing at least one special occasion during your pregnancy – whether it’s a wedding, family celebration or holiday party – so you may even have to hit up the maternity section for some dressy outfits in addition to your business clothes.
• Losing income. If you intend to keep working until your baby is born, keep in mind life doesn’t always go as planned. Your body – or unborn baby – may require you to spend a portion of your pregnancy on bed rest. This could force you away from your job much earlier than you had anticipated and may result in a lot of lost dollars you had counted on earning.
• Taking a vacation. While you’re no doubt excited about the little one on the way, you and your spouse may not be so excited about losing your alone time. It’s common to deal with these mixed emotions by taking off on an impromptu vacation or getaway before the baby arrives. This is a great chance to enjoy your time together while you still can – but, of course, the trip will come with a price tag.

So if you’re planning to have a child, remember to also budget for the nine months leading up to the baby’s birth—because finances are the last thing you’ll want to worry about when your little one arrives!