Age Is Just A Number – Stay Active This Summer

Many people find excuses to limit their exercise regimen as they get older. Pain, limited mobility, or previous injuries. For others, it’s simply a matter of being lazy, regardless of age. Then there are those who relish in the opportunity to get outside and remain active.

No matter what your age, physical ability, or physical limitations, there are a number of ways to stay active as the summer approaches.


If your backyard has seen better days, work on it. Not only will you improve the overall appearance of the backyard, but you’ll burn some calories and sweat on a warm summer afternoon as well. Plus you can plant some of the most amazing colors and floral arrangements, that simply don’t grow during the winter months.


With the warm weather comes gorgeous scenic backdrops. The sunsets, amazing sunrises, and even those afternoon showers can make for an excellent photo regardless of where you live. If there’s a hiking or walking trail nearby, make it a point to visit this summer.


Water aerobics or swimming’s another great way to get in the exercise. And, for those who are after excuses saying they have joint or mobility issues, that won’t work here! You’re in the water, so there’s virtually no impact on your joints. It’s a great way to burn some calories and avoid injuries as well.

Go on Two Wheels

A bike ride’s always nice, plus it’s a great way to get in the much-needed exercise you’ve been skipping out on. Instead of sitting in on a stationary bike, enjoy the Vitamin D. You’ll have the warm weather, sunshine, and scenery waiting for you as the summer fast approaches.

Treasure Hunt with the Grandkids

There’s buried treasure nearly anywhere you look for it. The beach, the backyard, or a local park. And, if there’s nothing to be found, plant it! You can have fun afternoons with the grandkids when the weather’s warm, plus you’ll get in your daily activity in an enjoyable manner.

The warm weather and sunshine are calling. You don’t have to run a 10K or do an ultra-marathon in order to get a good workout in. Consider a few of these fun ways to stay active this summer, while enjoying all your local city has to offer. Best of all… it’s free to engage in any of these activities!